Getting Out of Tricky Situations

by Kai Williams

Enjoying the challenging shots

Really want to show Jr Golfers having fun while playing or practising golf is the best way to improve. We have all been there when the drive goes into the OOB, the chip lands in the edge of the bunker or that sure putt lips out. And straight away we want to shout, throw a club or even cry (we are still young)  The best lesson I had with my coach, was him showing me that those shots should be the ones that put a smile on our face as we look at and wonder ‘how can I turn this around’? What amazing shot can I use to get out of this tricky situation? And feel good when it goes right and revaluate when it doesn’t work. I enjoyed reading two of my golfing twitter friends tweets….both are very inspirational @anthonygolf2006 and @gracie_golfer check them out.